Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Change Opener.

One of my favorite quotes is by Katharine Butler Hathaway that goes: "A person needs at intervals to separate from family and companions and go to new places. One must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change". This quote made me understand that being stubborn and hanging on to some ideas may lead to stagnation. So no change means no progress.

When the river flows its water changes, life is created, and golden lines of light shine on its surface.

On a warm August eve in 2009, I met Meedo, a man that changed my life when I saw his soul shining like crystal and reflecting wisdom into mine. On that night I remember telling my best friend Hala: "Did you see that man wearing glasses and carrying his camera in a protected case? Well I just know that all I want is to be with him". Fortunately, that is what happened. Then I prayed so I could be able to change his life and mine for the best with love.

On January 2010, Meedo decided to go on a trip to India with one of his best friends called Corinne. They stayed in Kerala - South of India - at an Ashram for one month. All I can say is that Meedo left Lebanon knowing that he was ready to open for changes. When he got back all I could see was the biggest smile he ever had. He started to tell me some stories about his life changing trip and about the great time he spent there while meeting new people, chanting, meditating, learning yoga, taking pictures, reading and so many other activities...

From this short story I can refer once again to Hathaway's quote and understand that we all need to get away from our daily routine and meet new faces so we could change our perceptions, bring new ideas, and take new challenges so we could have new goals to reach. Looking into the real world from the outside can help us see our weaknesses in it and that can be an opportunity to make us grow stronger.

The above picture was taken by Meedo in New Orleans. It shows how similar we are to this window: it can be opened or closed depending on the season. Its blurry reflections could change depending the light, people who walk by might not see it, some others might see it and be indifferent, as others might stop and think of how beautiful it is...

For me it is easier to analyse other people's experiences rather than mine, so I try to learn from them. All these stories made me realize that nobody can change you except yourself.


  1. I love the metaphor of light reflecting on water and glass. Japan taught me about change, starting with one of my favorite verses of haiku:

    Most wonderful when
    they scatter -
    the cherry blossoms.
    In this floating world,
    does anything endure?

    - Tales of Ise by courtier Narihira, c 12th-13th century.


  2. Thank you for the comment :)
    I really like those verses!