Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Passion For...

I was just thinking that what distinguishes people is their passion about something. Some people are passionate about art, others about science, and some about history or travelling, etc... What is my passion? Is what we are passionate about attractive to other people?

A part of my attraction to others is mainly for what they are passionate about. This may be a way to judge them or to find if they are interesting or boring, courageous or cowards... These people can give us some new ideas that may change our life by killing boredom.

Passion creates to them an aura. I met a person that I think is great. He has a passion for writing notes and he is brilliant which is why passion needs a talent to be completed. I also met a person who is fond of photography, and the pictures he takes are more than amazing. He worked on every single photo to make it look different, genuine. I have met a girl that is passionate about clubbing, and her whole life stands on that. In this case, passion started to become a vice. She cannot live without clubbing every single night to the point where she becomes very depressed if she missed. Her friend is passionate about clothes. She has a great style and is always coming up with something new to wear, but again, there she is stuck in a vicious circle to become a shopaholic...

Since I was a kid, I was always passionate about cameras. I had my first camera when I was eight years old, and I still remember very well that my mother gave me 20,000 Ecuadorian Sucres at that time to buy it. The color of that camera was pink and it really did work! I think that was my first passion. I am still fond of photography and I try to take the best pictures although I hope that one day I would be able to afford a professional camera!

Now, I am passionate about many things other than photography. A very good friend of mine who is French, Thierry, introduced me to the passion of travelling. Because of him I love being in new countries. Meeting new people, getting introduced to new cultures, walking on old streets, watching sunsets and sunrises, feeling the heat or getting cold which are never the same in any other country... I am waiting to see if life will be hiding for me a new passion so I can grow with it...


  1. I absolutely love your blog! I'm happy you have a place to let your thoughts out and there are so many things you mention we can all relate to :)

    Something about this post said a lot to me.. I discovered the love of traveling through a friend too who pushed me to embrace the unknown and open up to strangers. I learned how kind people can be, even those who have so little to offer. It's changed me in so many ways.

    Lebanon is so tiny and mono-cultural at times. I'm very anxious for my next trip. Here's to exciting journeys for the both of us! :) And to getting closer and closer to finding your passion sweet SamSam :)

  2. Thank you once again Lollyne!

    I wrote this note last summer. And now when I read it again, I realize that a person can have more than one passion which I think is great!

    I would like to repeat what you said, here's to exciting journeys for the both of us!!! ;)