Saturday, June 13, 2009

My first Blog - Being in Lebanon

I have always admired other people's blogs. This is where I thought: why wouldn't I write a blog too? Even if my English is not perfect, I will try my best to write what I think, and share some of my thoughts with you.

Lately, I've been spending most of the time being with myself. I enjoy the silence, but silence in Lebanon - where I am currently living - is always being interrupted by the cars' horns, loud music coming from a Lebanese gigolo's car "boofer", and from the neighbours living above me that decide to move their chairs every five minutes... But I don't care as long as I can spend my time gazing at the breath taking view of the Mediterranean sea from the balcony of my parents' apartment.

When I try to break this "silence" at night, I turn on my little Renault Clio car - so called Jaafarique - and go towards the very famous district in Lebanon, Gemmayzeh. I am always fascinated by this place. This avenue is always crowded with young people, pretty girls that look like they are in a beauty contest wearing their fashionable clothes, and again the Lebanese gigolo in his latest Porsche giving it - with his heart in his hand - to the "Valet Parking"... No matter what you see at this place, it is always astonishing. The old traditional buildings that have been renovated glow so beautifully in the dark, and give you a nostalgic feeling of what Beirut was back in the days... Beirut, a city that has been built over seven old Beiruts that have drowned through the years is the place where you can always find Roman ruins in any of its corners...

At night, Lebanon is pretty; but sometimes during the day you will wonder why did its lights disappear...


  1. A friend once told me "Lebanon is like the Forbidden Land, one would always dream of it but can never fully taste its beauty" and another one said on Beirut "its agonies make up its charm" and I couldnt have agreed more!!

    Yes, I do wonder why lights are turned on as well and I cannot help but criticize its "shallow hals" but my love for Beirut overrides any other emotion!

    Samsam,great of you to start this blog!!! w eza ba3ed bte7keh 3an Lebnen I will shoot you! hehe.. luv! xxx

  2. Agree with Hala :) Great start SamSam!! Keep it up :)

  3. Hala and Lollyne! :) Thank you so much!