Friday, November 25, 2011

Home Sweet Beirut!

Sunset over Beirut taken from my parents' balcony

I got back to Beirut last week after spending one month in Dubai. I did not feel like leaving Dubai, especially after spending most of the time with Meedo. We had a great time together and with friends, and I was enjoying the sunny weather. The night when I was flying back to Beirut was not very pleasant as it took the pilot around an extra hour to be able to land the aircraft due to a storm...

I love traveling but I hate airplanes. I have to admit that I have a phobia the day before the trip and during the flight, but I do not freak out in public. Instead, I order a glass of wine and try to enjoy the ride as if I were on a roller coster.

Back to the night of the flight, the pilot announced that we were landing in Beirut R.H. International Airport. Suddenly he took off so fast that my ears popped. Then silence. We kept ascending for more than 30 minutes and it was getting annoying because the pilot did not update us on what was going on.

There was a guy sitting next to me on the airplane, and he looked exactly like Johnny Depp - but in a younger version. He was nice to me especially when he set a blanket over me while I was taking a nap. We did not talk at all (I don't like to talk to strangers even if I am a big girl now). But apparently he was more paranoid than I was when the aircraft could not land. He was shaking his legs, and biting his nails, then he asked me: "Can you see lights or something??" (because I was sitting on the aisle), so I calmly replied: "Yes, don't worry I am sure the pilot is making another turn so that we could land... but isn't it weird that he hasn't announced anything??!"...
I was a bit surprised of how calm I was, so the wine's effect was really good at that time!

We finally landed, and we laughed at each other. At that time I thought it was quite funny to be scared on an airplane, and that it is not worth being paranoid on board anymore.

My sister was driving me home and we passed through Beirut and I knew that I missed this messed up city that will always remain beautiful to my heart. Home sweet Beirut!

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