Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello Doobye!

Burj Khalifa (iPhone Photo)

Dubai metro station (iPhone Photo)

my friend Loryne on the metro (iPhone Photo)

Loryne and I being silly (iPhone Photo)

I have been in Dubai for the past week to do some interviews and to look for a job. This is my third time in the city, and the second during this year. I never imagined that I would choose Dubai as a place to work and live, especially after living in Doha, but during this visit I started to really really like it!!!

This time I have stopped doing the regular touristy stuff, so I am spending my time as a person who has been living here for quite a while. I like taking the metro but not the bus because it takes a lot of time to arrive. Waiting for the bus makes me miss my car back home... I think that within a few years, public transportation in Dubai will get easier and faster.

People here are nice and laid back, they don't complain about things like traffic, politics or religion like in Beirut! I should not compare Dubai to Beirut because they are totally different cities, but at the same time it is quite hard avoiding that! I have many friends here from school, university, Doha and Beirut, and it makes me happy to see them doing well and working hard!

The only thing I need to do, is to take pictures with my lonely camera and share them with you here!

I just realized that my last post was in July (SHAME ON YOU SAMSAM)!!!!

The internet connection is faster here so this time, really this time, I promise to post more over here!!!

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