Saturday, May 28, 2011

More about "The Land of Fairies"!

a summer house on our way to Pori

I've been trying to select some of my photos from Finland to post them on this blog (yes after almost one year from the trip!) and it's quite hard to do that.

Outi's parents came over to Lebanon two weeks ago for the first time and they really loved it! They said that I should go back to Finland and visit Lapland which is located in the North Pole, and it's home to Father Christmas (Joulupukki) or Santa Claus. During summer in July, there is one day when the sun rises for 24 hours, so no night! (I so want to go there!)

My list of "places to be" is getting bigger, so I hope to be able to visit them all!

Here are some more photos from last year's trip to Finland, I will soon be posting some pictures from Sweden, Estonia and Ecuador. I hope to post them soon this time! ;)

view of Helsinki from Torni Tower


at a park in Helsinki

Helsinki port by bicycle

Helsinki port

green... green... and birds...

Cathedral in Helsinki

my favorite blue house cafe

beautiful sunset at 12:00 a.m. :)

I like the architecture in Helsinki

on the way back home from Muse concert

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