Monday, February 28, 2011

Samira in "The Land of Fairies" Part 3.

I will tell you my trip stories from now on with more pictures and less writing! Yay! :)

I'm recollecting my memories from Helsinki while going through the pictures and it gives me goosebumps...

The next few days we biked all around Helsinki... I wish we had roads like that in Beirut! Every single place kept me amazed... Check out the pictures, I hope you like them! ;)

The spectacular view of Helsinki from the toilet of Torni Tower which is the highest in Helsinki.

We went by bike to the yacht port in Helsinki where people were having ice cream while sea guls watched...

I like the buildings and their colors...

We had a couple of yummi blueberry ciders at this bar!

They were good, of course they deserved a little tip! :)

We went for shopping in this area, but I'm not a good shopper (which is why there are no photos for evidence!). Good sales were on!

Biking... The fresh summer breeze in Helsinki feels also gentle in the middle of the city!

We went to the "Blue House" coffee shop which is located next to the river... Amazing view, good coffee, yummi Korvapuusti and nice people!

Another picture of the "Blue House" coffee shop. If you visit Helsinki you have to visit this place!

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