Saturday, December 17, 2011

Street Photo of the Week #30 :)

My photo just got selected by Beirut Street Photographers as the Photo of the Week #30 for the theme "Reading"!

I feel so happy now that my photo has been selected, and I look forward to getting better in photography!

I took this photo on wednesday while walking from Verdun towards Hamra. I had my camera with me (Sony Alpha 55) and I wanted to try my new 50mm lens. When I got next to Red Shoe, I saw this woman with her cool beehive sitting on a small black pole on the street reading her newspaper. Her husband was also reading next to her (I didn't like the picture that I took of him so I didn't upload it). Being a very shy person, I took the photo then felt so embarrassed! While I was shooting, the couple didn't even realize I was there so I was relieved! I felt lucky for bumping into such an interesting character. :)

A friend of mine from BSP said that this couple always hangs out at the same stop everyday to read their newspaper. Isn't that cute??

Thank you BSP for choosing my photo!

Here's the link, I hope you like it!

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