Thursday, April 29, 2010

Imaginary World of Mine.

While listening to "You Look So Fine" by Garbage, I don't know why it switched me into my imaginary world. I felt the sea beneath my feet and the grains of cold sand biting my skin..."Dear sea", I said, "take me so faraway where I can no longer feel your presence. Drag me down, show me the prettiness of this creation and the unfound treasures; just leave me there"...

Beirut is getting so boring lately although I'm surrounded by awesome people. I have many pending things to do, but I chose to procrastinate. I will graduate this summer then it will be time for me to study for my Masters, but between those two steps, I really want to travel. I need to go on a trip for a few weeks, maybe somewhere around Europe - cause that's where my vision takes me every time.

I always wonder why I always see myself walking through Europe, and I really don't understand it... Who would like to join me on a trip this summer?? :)

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